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" Having a crazy and nerdy fan girl moment. The ultimate of the ultimate puzzle finally arrived and I couldn't be more ecstatic! Definitely a masterpiece of art and Ravensburger never disappoints. Assuming it normally takes me ~2 months to put assemble 4000 pieces, this means that it will take me just about 2 years to complete this. Easy where to find room to put this together.... Thank you so much to Jigsaw Jungle for the excellent and speedy service. You have definitely made this girl happy (and busy) for the next two years! "
Tiffany W., Stouffville (Ontario) March 24, 2017
" GREAT service! Jigsaw Jungle has the best selection of puzzles at the best prices! The delivery times are outstanding! I placed my order late Sunday evening and my puzzles arrived just after lunch on Wednesday. Also, the packaging was the right size; the shipping box had been cut to fit the puzzles exactly, so no wasted bubble wrap or newsprint. Very environmentally friendly. I highly recommend Jigsaw Jungle! "
Suzan March 05, 2017
" Received my order # 100XXXXXX yesterday, Thank you for the excellent customer service! Will be happy to recommend you to others, Regards J.L. "
Judith L., Teeswater (Ontario) February 22, 2017
" Wow! Another record.I ordered yesterday in a fit of winter blues after another big snowfall and today the puzzles were in my mailbox! I am truly impressed. Thanks Jigsaw Jungle! "
Patricia R., Ottawa (Ontario) February 16, 2017
" Dear Robert and friends (and Danes) at Jigsaw Jungle, This has to be a world record for delivery speed! My husband just came back from the post box with my puzzles - the box actually fit (just!) into the street-side compartment. Oh, miracle workers! Of course I've opened the box and the puzzles look magnificent! Fun in store. Thank you infinitely, and please have a wonderful weekend. I will. My best regards. Tamara L. "
Tamara L., Ste-Adele (Quebec) February 04, 2017
" Your service remains unparalleled! I have been house-bound a lot this year following knee replacement surgery in March and another in October. Being able to order puzzles from my chair has saved my sanity! I thought you might also like to know about the great service I had from one of your manufacturers. I recently bought a puzzle made by the Perre Group/Anatolian in Turkey. I lost one piece and used their online service to replace it and it arrived in the mail from Turkey free of charge! Merry Xmas! Pat "
Patricia R., Ottawa (Ontario) December 19, 2016
" I absolutely love the emails that you send out. They put a smile on my face. They make me want to rush right into your website and see what's going on. That's right SHOP! The graphics are so delightful. Thank you so much for keeping us informed, connected and wanting to stay and ... shop! You have no idea how much I enjoy the emails! I just smile from from ear to ear. Whoever puts these delightful teasers together is to be congratulated. I cannot login fast enough! And yes I am laughing because it's true! Thank you for putting extra smiles on my face! "
CH December 13, 2016
" Always a pleasure doing business with the personnel at Jigsaw Jungle. Angie has been amazing. Helpful beyond helpful. Thank you immensely for taking such good care of my business. Have an amazing and outstanding week full of sales, shipments, silliness and laughter. You know when I think back to how I fell into Jigsaw Jungle I shake my head and smile from ear to ear. I think ... that was then and this is now ... WOW! How fortunate that I followed the crumbs to the magic kingdom. It's been great. C.H. "
Cheryl H., Winnipeg (Manitoba) November 30, 2016
" Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! I will certainly be telling my friends! Congratulations on your record breaking day! Sharlene "
Sharlene M., Paris (Ontario) November 29, 2016

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