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Customer Testimonials

" Your service remains unparalleled! I have been house-bound a lot this year following knee replacement surgery in March and another in October. Being able to order puzzles from my chair has saved my sanity! I thought you might also like to know about the great service I had from one of your manufacturers. I recently bought a puzzle made by the Perre Group/Anatolian in Turkey. I lost one piece and used their online service to replace it and it arrived in the mail from Turkey free of charge! Merry Xmas! Pat "
Patricia R., Ottawa (Ontario) December 19, 2016
" I absolutely love the emails that you send out. They put a smile on my face. They make me want to rush right into your website and see what's going on. That's right SHOP! The graphics are so delightful. Thank you so much for keeping us informed, connected and wanting to stay and ... shop! You have no idea how much I enjoy the emails! I just smile from from ear to ear. Whoever puts these delightful teasers together is to be congratulated. I cannot login fast enough! And yes I am laughing because it's true! Thank you for putting extra smiles on my face! "
CH December 13, 2016
" Always a pleasure doing business with the personnel at Jigsaw Jungle. Angie has been amazing. Helpful beyond helpful. Thank you immensely for taking such good care of my business. Have an amazing and outstanding week full of sales, shipments, silliness and laughter. You know when I think back to how I fell into Jigsaw Jungle I shake my head and smile from ear to ear. I think ... that was then and this is now ... WOW! How fortunate that I followed the crumbs to the magic kingdom. It's been great. C.H. "
Cheryl H., Winnipeg (Manitoba) November 30, 2016
" Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! I will certainly be telling my friends! Congratulations on your record breaking day! Sharlene "
Sharlene M., Paris (Ontario) November 29, 2016
" Thank You! We've shopped with Jigsaw every year for the past 10 years! "
Jennifer L., Fort Nelson (British Columbia) November 23, 2016
" You always give such amazing service! I have ordered things from Chapters, Amazon, Hampstead House, and others and absolutely no one gives service anything like yours. You have always given me two day delivery, the others usually two WEEKS or longer. Thank you! Patricia "
Patricia R., Nepean (Ontario) November 10, 2016
" Thank you all so very much for your attention to detail. Not only were my orders correct, delivered on time (as per notices), you included a personal 'thank you' on each order. Makes me very happy that I spent my $$$ with you. What a team! "
Cheryl H., Winnipeg (Manitoba) November 03, 2016
" Thank you for providing such amazingly great customer care. Appreciated! "
Cheryl H., Winnipeg (Manitoba) October 28, 2016
" Thank you!! Colour me impressed! I am so looking forward to receiving this initial order and placing many more with you. Have an amazing day filled with fun and joy! Cheryl "
Cheryl H., Winnipeg (Manitoba) October 27, 2016

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