Crazy9 Doodles, Jon Burgerman

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9 Game Tiles
SKU HEYE 78-28503u
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Tricky Doodle Game Fun! Bring order to chaos so that these doodles know again where the top and bottom are! Set the nine cards together to build a square area so that each doodle receives a matching rump. There are at least two different solutions...
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Manufacturers/Brands HEYE
Item No HEYE 78-28503u
Item Series Crazy 9
Finished Size 24cm x 24cm (9.5" x 9.5")
Level of Difficulty All Levels
Age 6+
Additonal Product Features Made in Europe
UPC Code 4001689285036
No. of Pieces 9 Game Tiles
SKU HEYE 78-28503u
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